1 Disease =  2 Causes =  6 Pathways

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عيادة الطب البديل
د. محمد الصديق
علاج السرطان – الايدز
السهر- ليس مريض بل مرض
الاستشارة مجانية الان ادفع الوصفة فقط

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Type on search any of the forms name and save ( you just pay for your medicine ( 15 – 30 bucks max.)
Visit our blessing website and Fill /read/ send /communicate ( click on our reach us to pick or deliver you your remedy) we are waiting for the pure cure .
Choose from the following Holistic Forms and cure yourself and household ones
A . Bach Flower Holistic Modality
1. Pet Form
2.Child under 10 form
3. Adult form

B .Homeopathy form :
Adult form
Child form

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1st Consultation

At the first consultation your homeopath will usually spend at least an hour, sometimes longer, asking detailed questions about your current health, medical history, and lifestyle. Some of the questions may seem strange, but the important thing to remember with homeopathy is that it treats the individual in a holistic way, and so your homeopath is looking to understand how you experience your symptoms and how they effect your life, so that s/he can match you with the most appropriate medicine.

Subsequent consultations will involve you discussing the changes that have occurred with your homeopath, so that s/he can understand how you have responded to the prescription and what the next step of your treatment will be.

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