Crystal Healing



In order to function in this rapidly changing world, we often feel the need

to find more peace and harmony within ourselves. We need to discover the

power of the mineral kingdom in order to become whole and wise, for if we

upset the delicate balance of any of Nature’s kingdoms we end up suffering

from our actions.

The mineral kingdom gives service to all life by providing a stable

balance for planetary structure. All other kingdoms on earth depend on the

form and balance given by the life-force energies of the mineral kingdom. It

provides the foundation for life.

Minerals have the lowest vibrations of all living things. They form the

body of the earth from which everything grows. We too are made up of the

same elements as the earth. We are not separate from it, but connected by our

life-force energies. Our human structure is made up of minerals and therefore

the spiritual qualities of these minerals can be expressed in human form. We are

now just beginning to realise the potential of crystals to heighten the spiritual

and physical aspects of our newly awakened awareness.

The mineral kingdom receives its life-force energy from the sun and from

other planetary sources. Stones are living entities; in a spiritual (energetic)

sense if not in a biological sense. They emit powerful vibrations and

frequencies that affect our whole being. They can heal, balance and attune the

body, mind and spirit.

Crystals take millions of years to form. Each has its own resonance, or

vibration. We have long possessed the knowledge for the use of crystals and

light to heal. The ancient Atlantians are said to have been great civilization that

used colour and crystals for healing. Atlantean crystal healing may have been

highly developed. We know more about Ancient Egypt where crystals were

certainly used for healing and teaching.

Over the centuries people have used gemstones to attract the solar rays

and indeed modern communication systems and computer technology make use

of the crystal in the form of the silicon chip.


Today we are learning to use crystals (precious or semi-precious stones)

as a preventative and curative form of treatment, which generate healing

vibrations acting on the body’s energy field. Crystals can be used to channel

healing energies through the healer to the patient or be placed on specific parts

of the body that need treatment.

Crystals are here to teach and serve us, but their energy lies dormant until

we awaken their elemental consciousness with unconditional love. Exactly how

this works is not known but people who have gained a lot of experience in

crystal work tend to have their own intuitive theories. Nothing in this course is

set in stone (if you will pardon the pun) and many of the explanations we give

are based on experience and intuition. If you have different explanations which

work, that’s fine too. It is very easy to start working with crystals and

gemstones, the main thing you should keep in mind is that ‘intent is all’!

In this course you will learn a lot about which stone to use for which

purpose but to get started I suggest you purchase a simple quartz point (a single

point, not double). Please don’t buy one on the internet. Go to a shop which

sells crystals or to a Mind, Body, Spirit type exhibition, hold a few crystals, one

at a time, in the palm of your hand and see which one feels good to you. This is

a highly intuitive exercise. If you are not used to using your intuition don’t

worry. Just let your mind go passive and wait to see what happens. Don’t try to

force it. You will get a feeling, or hear your small voice within, or in some

other way know which crystal if the right one to choose. If nothing comes to

you just buy the one which looks nicest. You will have many more

opportunities to develop your intuition later.

The first thing we must do when you get your crystal home is to cleanse

the crystal of any remaining (possibly negative) energies. There are many ways

to cleans a crystal. Here are a couple of simple ones to start with. We will give

you more options later in the course. Choose whichever you prefer. Salt is

believed by many to be a universal cleanser. Salt is psychically neutral,

psychically pure. So you can cleanse a crystal simply by totally immersing it in

salt for 24 hours. (Don’t use this method with mounted stones as the salt will

tarnish the metal).

A faster method it to place the crystal in running water (under a tap) for

two or three hours. You could pace it in a shallow, fast flowing stream but

don’t blame me if it gets washed away.

The mineral, plant and most of the animal kingdom are bound by group

consciousness. The elementals need to be directed, and therefore a crystal or

gemstone needs to be programmed before you can use it.