Flower Remedies


The thirty-eight flowers are described in depth, so that patients taking one

of them may also gain further understanding of the underlying concept in each

case, to strengthen the self-healing process.

It is important to note, for all readers who are not trained in alternative

medicine, that the Bach Flower Remedies may be employed to prevent

psychological and physical illness and in support of prescribed treatment, but

cannot be used to replace treatment by a qualified medical practitioner.



The holistic approach to health, disease and healing is based on the

concept of the perfect Unity of all things, and the utter Uniqueness of every

system contained within it. Each of us is on a unique and unrepeatable journey

through life, and our state of health at any time serves as an indicator of the

point we have reached on this journey.

Every symptom, be it of body, mind or spirit, gives us a particular

message, and we need to perceive and acknowledge these messages, and make

use of them for our journey. Every true healing process is an affirmation of our

wholeness, indeed our holiness. The Bach Flower Remedies ‘ system may from

this point of view be described as ‘healing by restoring harmony in awareness’.

At the switch-points of our personality, where vital energies are channelled the

wrong way or blocked, the remedies re-establish contact and harmony with our

wholeness, the true source of our energy.

‘Heal Thyself’ is at the very heart of the Bach philosophy, for in the final

instance it is we ourselves, the ‘ universal principle of healing’ or the ‘divine

healing power’ within us, that permit and enable healing. It was the Bach vision

that the Flower Remedies would be used, not only by physicians and lay

practitioners, but also in every family. In this way, the Bach Flowers would not

only be used by professionals in the treatment of psychosomatic disorders, but

also and increasingly by people who are consciously working on their mental

and spiritual growth and development.


The Bach Flower Remedies rank among the ‘subtle’ methods of healing,

similar to the classical homoeopathy of Samuel Hahnemann, anthroposophical

medicine, and spagyric or herbal medicine. They do not act by the roundabout

route via the physical body, but at more subtle levels directly influencing the

energy system that is man.

There are three respects in which the Bach Flower Remedies are new and

different from the subtle methods of treatment so far developed in the West:

1. The Bach concept of health and disease, i.e. the spiritual approach use,

has its roots in a universal reference system that goes beyond the limits of

the individual person. This use led to a new form of diagnosis, no longer

based on physical symptoms, but exclusively on states of disharmony in

the soul, or negative feelings, similar to, but more comprehensive than,

the homoeopathic ‘mentals’.

2. New, and different in the present age, are also the simple, natural

methods Bach used to release the healing energies of the flowers from

their material state, and transfer them to the vehicle. As a result Flower

Remedies act directly, i.e. not according to the Law of Similars,

harmonising and healing, and there can be no overdose, no side-effects,

and no incompatibility with other methods of treatment.

3. This mode of action, ‘harmless’ in the best sense of the word, makes the

blessings of the Bach Remedies accessible to a far greater number of

people, to use in healing and self-healing, than has so far been possible

with subtle healing methods. To use the Bach Remedies successfully

calls for no training in medicine or psychology, but for perceptiveness,

the ability to think and to appreciate, and and above all a natural sensitivity and feeling for the other person.